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Shane Pose#2 Aerialist Bronze Sculpture

Introducing the stunning Shane Pose#2 Aerialist Bronze Sculpture, a breathtaking addition to any art collection. This beautiful bronze sculpture captures the grace and strength of an aerialist in mid-performance, perfectly balancing elegance and athleticism. The sculpture comes with a motorized remote-controlled hanging kit (SOLD SEPARATELY), allowing you to effortlessly display this captivating piece in any space. Whether you're a fan of aerialist performances or simply appreciate the artistry of bronze sculptures, the Shane Pose#2 Aerialist will make a striking statement in your home or office. Elevate your decor with this extraordinary and dynamic piece of art.

Shane Pose#2 Aerialist Bronze Sculpture

  • Dimensions: Height 26" x width 19.5" x depth 4"

    Weight: 9 lbs

    AP#1 Color: Silver nitrate

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