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Felicia Pose#2 Aerialist Bronze Sculpture

The Felicia Pose#2 Aerialist Bronze Sculpture is a stunning piece that captures the grace and strength of an aerialist mid-performance. Crafted from bronze, this sculpture beautifully portrays the dexterity and fluidity of the human form. Included with the sculpture is a motored remote-controlled hanging kit (SOLD SEPARATELY), allowing for easy and adjustable display in any space. Whether it is suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a stand, this sculpture is sure to be a conversation piece in any room. The intricate detailing and dynamic pose of the aerialist make this piece a must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Add a touch of elegance and movement to your home or office with the Felicia Pose#2 Aerialist Bronze Sculpture.

Felicia Pose#2 Aerialist Bronze Sculpture

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